UK Garage, Detroit House, Acid Techno

DJ duo Maiden Obey exists since the beginning of 2013. Back then two best friends Nastya and Dasha decided to start playing just for their own pleasure, without expecting that DJ’ing would becomes their main profession. After a few months the major Russian magazines, such as FurFur, Port and Afisha,started to write about them, giving very positive reviews.

Every live performance of Maiden Obey is special not only because of their exceptional sense of the audience and lively dance floor vibes that they constantly deliver, but also because of their very special and extravagant looks. Every time they do a live set, they construct original costumes and masks.

In the end of 2013 the most respected Moscow radio station Follow Me called Maiden Obey the DJ’s of the year.

After 2013 Maiden Obey have traveled around the whole Russia and former USSR. They have also toured in France, Israel, UK, Latvia and Germany. During their tour in London they played a live section in NTS radio.

Right now Maiden Obey can be often seen playing at Moscow’s best events.They continue touring the whole country, often invited to various gigs organized by the world’s biggest brands as :Audi, Apple, Nike, Adidas, Puma, MONKI, H&M, Levi’s, G-Shock, Garnier, Jagermeister, Heineken, RedBull, Etam, AgentProvocateur and others.

Every new mix that the girls make is not like the other because Maiden Obey love music and can find a common language with almost any audience.