Lea Davogic

Why and how did you start Djing?

   After finishing the music academy , I did modelling for 3 years. I was traveling a lot which didn’t give me the chance to practice piano. I was definitely not in the best shape once I came back to Belgrade, so I decided to try deejaying. I always loved clubbing, so this seemed like a perfect combination.

Tell us how it feels to be both a model and a Dj?

I love variety in my routine, so I’ve always been into doing many different things at once. I can say that it’s my way to avoid boredom. Both music and fashion worlds are full of complex people, with whom you have fun while being inspired in your professional field. This is astonishing.

How do you succeed in managing your time to do both?

If you organise your time well you can do it all. I also find time for piano and ballet while also managing to spend time with my friends. Maybe this way you don’t have so much time for sleep but, as they say, you can’t win without also loosing

If you had to choose one- would you pick modelling or music?

I would definitely choose music. Modelling is a hobby for me, while music is omnipresent.

What is your current artist crush?
I’m all about supporting female Djs, so I would say my current crushes are Nina Kraviz and Raving George.

Did modelling help you into having more connection with the clubbing scene?

I don’t think modelling had a lot to do with me deejaying . I was modelling abroad and I started deejaying in Belgrade. Maybe it will help me in the future- but I prefer being a model when I’m modelling , and a Dj when I’m deejaying. I’m not a big fan of model /Dj nickname. Unfortunately the label of model turned Dj does not offer much credibility, as i observed, so that i prefere not to consider myself one.