I DJ’d for Bruno Mars and that was exciting and princess-y feeling. I didn’t barely tell anyone about it before-hand (my two sisters) and sprung it on my parents a week before, LOL. It was a really smart thing to do honestly. I didn’t have to explain to people how it was happening [see below] and really.. I avoided freaking myself out about being in front of the largest crowd ever b/c I just didn’t talk or think about it other than prepping for it like I do some other things.
Q&A Time:
Ho?: 10,000 hours & Serendipity, Dj-ing a wedding at “Burning man” for two really exceptional galactic-beings-in-human-suits & meeting one of their bridal party peeps who is an event producer and the nicest. And also some universe magic that I’ll tell you about in person, if you ask.
Really, life is weird and getting from Point A to Point B is not what you would ever expect it to be — in the most fun ricochet ways. That was one of them and I’m so down for it. LOL


“Holler if anyone wants a tour DJ! I’m down to travel.”

Was I nervous?:

You know what? Not so much and I’ll tell you why.. They built a really cool Broad-Museum looking lit up dj booth for me and I had to climb a ladder to get in it and then when I was sound-checking the night before and I was moving around.. IT BOUNCED. Which means a couple thing:

A) it’s JUST like dj-ing on an Art Car and

B) I’ve been in a bouncy dj booth situation a zillion times.. so that familiarity just took all the nervousness out of the situation. I don’t know how else to explain it, but there was no hands shaking situation and I super enjoyed playing to 15k people of twinkly lights. It was surreal. 

I also got asked last minute to put on ‘a mix’ for a half hour before my set and kind of lucked out. I had put together my set with some tropical remix vibes at the front and then knew I wanted to end on new jack swing vibes. So I threw on my ‘weird reggae mix’, Tropic of Capricorn and it literally beat matched into my first track for my set and then I ended with Guy “Groove Me” to signal the sound board for the lights and Bruno started with “Finesse” which is 1000% new jack vibes. It was like a giant, seamless mix all night. It made the music curator nerd in me very pleased.
I’ve done some other big things but suck at documenting them. Shout out to Tommii who is an awesome visual artist & designer here in LA, who I talked into being my video-grapher on this trip. Here’s a little video he made.