Hip Hop, Funky, Disco, Deep House, RnB

She started selecting music in 2008 with friends, well known Belgrade’s Djs and party people.
She likes working in different types of events, spontaneously. For two years Dada had a resident Saturday at club Francuska Sobarica together with two more artist; they were different but did great parties, playing RnB / hip hop / dancehall / jungle, dub.
Dada became seriously interested in music, performance and events organization. She mixes deep, funky, disco, tech house / breakbeat mashed up with other electronica or she plays also pure RnB / Hip Hop, dancehall vibes.
Some of her events were Mixer Festival, MTV Wonder Women Weekend Fest (club Tube, BG), Filmstreet and Days of New York (UK Parobrod, BG); Film festival and PitchWise Fest (Sarajevo); was invited to Exit Festival 2012, but during that time she was busy working in a theatre (Bosko Buha Tiba Festival) and shooting a TV Show (episode acting).
Once a year, at least, she does national tours around cities of Serbia with wonderful shows and parties.
She performed at EXIT Festival in Serbia (2013 & 2014 & 2015 & 2016. – performances at the reggae stage with many musicians and producers, and also Disco Zone and Jack Daniel’s stage), DADA also had an amazing chance to perform at SEADANCE Festival Montenegro and SZIGET Festival Budapest (2015. – rock n roll special edition show)
Graduated manager in culture; she’s done some amateur acting, events organization, photography and modeling. In 2014 she also got into PR media activities, mostly for promoting music events and cultural events.
She was chosen winner of Jack Daniel’s UK worldwide competition for Official Festival Reporter in Europe during summer 2014. (Jack Daniel’s Experience – 11 countries, 11 biggest festivals).
During summer 2014, Dada got the chance to become an ambassador of her favorite brand Adidas. Serbian Adidas spotted her and the line of work she does, so they offered a creative fashion collaboration that goes naturally with Dada’s style.
Did events as a music cooperator / Dj also with Telenor & Deezer, Google & YouTube, Adria Media (Story magazine, Newsweek, ShoppingGroznica…), RTV Vojvodina, Adidas, Jack Daniels, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Idea, Ušće Shopping Mall and many more…