Bianca Tabaton


For how long have you been Djing?
I have been a Dj for 12 years now.
Is Djing your main job?
No, it’s not my main job anymore. I am also working for Rick Owens.
How was it starting your Dj career when the field was dominated by the male presence?
I must admit that it was difficult at first, but at the same time being a girl was a great  benefit, because fashion brands would ask me to play at fashion events.
Would you consider going back full-time Djing?
Definitely not. I don’t see it as a career path to which I would dedicate myself fully. It still remains a big passion of mine, which i try hard to combine with my day to day life.
Was it difficult to adjust to a full time day job in Fashion after doing only Djing?
I think this ability to combine things came with years…But I enjoy my lifestyle very much.
How is it managing your time having a job in Fashion and DJing?
I have very little time, indeed. But when your jobs are also your hobbies, it comes naturally that you do it all the time.