Hip Hop, Reggae, House, Dubstep, RnB

Nathalie and Bonita, buddies for life. Why? Cause they have the same life motto: Do whatever you like to do! Enjoying life with endless music on the background, somewhere on this world with the best people. Don’t worry, enjoy and hype the crowd.
The heart of their story is that they are at their best surrounded by lots of people where they can give them the best vibes and music. “Next to a good choice of music, positivity and good energy are the best drugs for a successful party” is what they say. That’s also why they’re all about mood music; is everybody a little gangster in the building? They’ll give you Pac and Biggie. Is there a mellow vibe going on? You’re getting some good old RnB and Afro-house. Having said that, the style of this duo is a mixture: Hip-hop and RnB has a special place in their heart and there’s another part that loves reggae, house and dubstep. Switching styles is their power, cause when they feel the crowd, the crowd will feel the music.

The venues and cities where they have performed:

– Jimmy Woo
– Melkweg
– Paradiso

New York:
– Vandal
– The Stanton Social
– Gansevoort Park

– Coco
– Goldbar
– The Waitingroom

– La Favela