Sonja Pavlica, born in Belgrade, Serbia, is a multitalented young DJ, model, fashion designer, event organiser and creative all-rounder – she has carved out her own space in all these roles, creating a unique universe. Wherever you find Sonja Pavlica, you find energy, beauty and uniqueness.

Despite being surrounded with music in her early life when her dad took her to a concert of Duran Duran, she found her fortune in the modeling business. But the true love never walks away. So in 2012 after years of modelling Sonja and the music became professionally bound with each other. She manifests herself in several occasions at various places all over Europe, from Milan to Vienna to Zagreb and Istanbul.

Her artistic DJ residence is in Belgrade top clubs but her music has no boundaries and stands for one thing above all: happiness.

Sonja combining a variety of 80s vocals or Spanish and Latino sounds into deep, tech house and indie dance sets. Ever since her first performance, her parties feature dozen of guests who feed her with “wow” feedback. 70s, 80s and 90s music is very close to her heart. That why she often organizes parties where she is playing disco, funky… No doubt that her attractive appearance, energy behind the decks & tune selection have helped her become so popular in her hometown Belgrade and beyond.

Sonja’s favorite quote by Buddy Guy:
“Music makes people happy, and that’s why I go on doing it. I like to see everybody smile.”