SynthPop, ColdWave, Disco, ElectroClash, Edm, Kraut, PostPunk

MaggiePie is a lover of radical changes, but also strongly tied to the past; she researches and proposes unusual sounds, out of the ordinary, innovative and unexpected.

The rhythms are variable, through an eclectic and extraordinary journey through time, without any rules nor any trend, only dictated by her passion and her pure instinct.

Her real passion is music and the spooky side of the visual arts; she’s attracted to inaccessible and impenetrable things. Mystery and spirituality are her strongest attractions, with a daily enthusiasm for everything.

She doesn’t sing and she doesn’t have the constancy to play instruments, that’s how she takes shape as a DJ.

“My inspiration comes mainly from underground movements in both music (Motown, post punk) and movies, (Noir, Visionaire) but also from the traditional fine arts, I love Pre Raphaelites and modernists… that’s all, and everything was labeled as “outside the box” even if it sadly became what people nowadays call “hip”.