Interview with Karen Menad

1. Hi Karen, tell us something about you and what did bring you to Milan.

Hello there, I’m French, originally from Paris and I came to Italy to visit a friend who’s living in Milan. It was 8 years ago and immediately I found work modeling and as a hostess.

 2. When did you start doing music and who influenced you early in your career?

I’ve always been passionate about music since early age and at the age of 10 I listened to Andrea Bocelli before going to sleep and for this reason I fell in love with Italian music.

3. Fashion and music – do you think that your style is somewhat influenced by your music or it’s opposite?

I practiced ballet and hip hop, have always been into night life, and since 14 years old, i was going to clubs regularly and used to sleep and wake with music, which I still do to this day.

4 Which feelings and type of emotions does techno music bring up in you, and do you try to transmit some of them to your fans and people that visit your sets and parties you play?

In the beginning, during the 90s, I focused solely on dance music. Then I started to follow more and more the techno scene and music in general, so it spread different feelings in me and developed kind of beautiful escape from daily routines and life, so I tried to give the same feeling to the crowd as well. This way I started to create my own parties, in which where i gave the music, emotions and fun to people in return.

The name of the parties I crated is “Parade” and the name itself came from my origins. I am french and the idea was to create something similar to the Disneyland parade in Paris with mascots, dancers and that kind of entertainment – “magical and enchanting night and events”  – if I can say so myself.

5. Who’s your favourite artist right now?

I don’t have only one favorite artist, there are many of them, but Nicole Moudaber, Pan Pot, Marco Carola are some of the few that come to mind..

6. What’s  your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to have parties of my own and continue playing all over the world.

7. How do you feel being a female DJ in a globally – men’s industry and market?

To be a woman DJ is definitely not easy, but today, girls are finally starting to be more and more on the top of the game, and i can freely say with proud that I am one of them.