BoBadu starts her career as Dj in 2013 driven by her love for music and her passion to make people dance.
She started playing in pubs around Novi Sad (Serbia), rapidly got noticed and soon she shared the console with international Dj’s like: Dj Barely Legal Yasser Ranjha, Cold Fever, Hype-Hyphen and many others.
She has mainly been inspired by the UK music scene and started digging and discovering more, while living in London.

She always wanted to offer crowds something new, fresh and interesting and that’s how she started making real shows where she performed as a DJ but also as a dancer.
Her sets made the crowd go wild, playing deep and infectious bass grooves to create a feel-good atmosphere.

One of her biggest projects has been producing music and choreograph dancing for a hologram performance with the Dubai Smart Government Awards.

Music and dancing are therapy – for her, it’s all about the mood and inspiration, the energetic bass and progressive beat with emotive melodies over the top, with the final goal to keep the crowd dancing whole night long.